Chloe Angus Collection

Proudly based and made in Vancouver, BC, since 2004. Chloë Angus Design is over 50% Métis owned. Chloë Angus is a Canadian ally and designer, and partner/husband Gabe is Métis.

The Chloë Angus Design team creates modern, collaborative, fashion and home décor collaborating with Indigenous artists across Canada. Incorporating Indigenous art into everyday style. With a focus on uniting art and fashion, we are honoured to collaborate with First Nations’, Inuit, and Métis artists to create the Spirit Collection. All artwork is licensed and the artists are fairly compensated. Each piece comes with the artist signature to ensure authenticity.

As a sustainable company, we produce our garments right here in Vancouver (in a locally owned, sweat shop free environment). We believe in fairly compensating Indigenous artists by ensuring their signature and brand is proudly displayed on each collaborative piece and in the marketing of their artworks.

Every aspect of our product, from the labels to the buttons, has been consciously and ethically chosen. We are always working to better uphold our relationships with Indigenous people’s and are happy to hear any feedback, concerns or recommendations.

We aim to sustain a healthy body image. We have realistic sizing for our garments and when it comes to models, we like to show all types of beauty. We use models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds because all women are beautiful.

We aim to celebrate Indigenous history, art, and culture and have made it a priority to promote and share the significant artwork that each artist creates. Our goal is to unite people, to encourage an open dialogue, better cultural understanding, and to celebrate Indigenous culture.