Wild Chaga Tea- 4 oz Bag by Alaska Wild Harvest

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4 ounce bag fine chopped wild Alaska chaga. Our Alaska chaga tea is delicious and energizing and can be served cold or hot. We prefer it steeped strong to extract the maximum in medicinal properties, but it can also be lightly steeped as a flavorful and refreshing tea. I like to prepare birch chaga chai - with cinnamon and ginger and sweetened, of course, with our own pure organic birch syrup or Wild Alaska Birched Honey; or mix it 50/50 with my morning coffee. My favorite local restaurant makes a wonderful cold citrus chaga, steeping it lightly and adding lemon, orange, and birched honey. The tea can be steeped once and re-used to steep again for a lighter brew. The entire 4 oz package will make 2 gallons of a strong chaga tea; or many cups of a light infusion. Play with it and see what you prefer. There are endless possibilities for good flavor, with the added benefit of good health!