Button Shawl-P. Windsor, Eagle, Various Colors

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Wear Haisla, Heiltsuk artist, Paul Windsor's beautiful Eagle design with this beautiful Native Origins Button Shawl. 

“The Eagle button shawl honours my memories of feasts and sporting events in Kitamaat Village where button vests, blankets and shawls featured our clan’s designs. Each family and clan has their own traditional and even personal reasons for using buttons to decorate and adorn. I am delighted to share my Eagle design on this Native Northwest Button Shawl.”

- Paul Windsor, Hailsa, Heiltsuk

A piece of genuine artistic expression, Native Origins Button Shawls feature authentic Indigenous art accessible to all.

These shawls feature a classic, wearable garment shape with an elongated cut to flatter. Contemporary and unique artwork alongside the traditional shell (mother of pearl) buttons adorn a jacquard woven fabric blend with a cashmere feel.
Available in Red or Teal