Summer 2020 Baby Raven Read Collection Sale

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Take advantage of our special Baby Raven Reads Collection deal.  Share these special stories and images with family during these unique times.  Allow this to be a time to reflect while sharing extra time with one another!  

This collection includes:

The Following Baby Raven Reads titles:

  • "10 Sitka Herring"
  • "Baby Raven"
  • "Baby Eagle"
  • "Colors"
  • "Cradle Songs of Southeast Alaska"
  • "X̱anggáay: Learn the Colors in X̱aad Kíl"
  • "Raven and the Tide Lady"
  • "Raven Loses his Nose"
  • "Raven Brings Us Fire"
  • "Raven Makes the Aleutians"
  • "Raven and the Box of Daylight"
  • "How Devil's Club Came to Be"
  • "Origins of Rivers and Streams; A Raven's Story"
  • "Picking Berries"
  • "Am'ala"
  • "Shanyaak'utlaax: Salmon Boy"
  • "Wilgyigyet: Learn the Colors in Sm'algyax"
  • "Let's Go! A Harvest Story" 
  • "The Woman Who Married the Bear"
  • "The Woman Carried Away by Killer Whales"

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