Book- "American Indian Identy Citizenship, Membership, and Blood", Edmo, Young, Parker

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By Se-Ah-Dom Edmo, Jessie Young, and Alan Parker

This academic compendium examines the complexities associated with Indian identity in North America, including the various social, expression in different periods: the European influence on how self-governing tribal communities define the rights of citizenship within their own communities: and the effect of Indian mascots, Thanksgiving, and other cultural appropriations taking place within American society on the Indian community. The book looks at and proposes solutions to the controversies surrounding the Indian tribal nations and their people.

The authors- all leading advocates of Indian progress- argue that tribal governments and communities should reconsider the notion of what comprises Indian identity, and in doing so, they compare and contrast how indigenous people around the world define themselves and their communities. Chapters address complex questions under the discourse of Indian law, anthropology, art, psychology, and civil rights. Topics covered in depth include blood quantum, racial distinctions, First Nations, and tribal citizenship.