Book- Lingít Yoo X̲ʼatángi (Beginning Tlingit Workbook)

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Lingít Yoo X̲ʼatángi (Beginning Tlingit Workbook) was written and compiled over 15 years by Lance (X’unei) A. Twitchell, a member of Sealaska Heritage Institute’s Southeast Regional Language Committee and assistant professor of Alaska Native languages at the University of Alaska Southeast. It is an extension of the landmark book “Beginning Tlingit”—which was edited by the late linguist Richard Dauenhauer and his wife, Nora Dauenhauer, a fluent Tlingit speaker and scholar, and published by SHI.

The new workbook is a must-have tool for any student studying the Tlingit language because it teaches Tlingit words and concepts through imagery. The workbook is based entirely on the teaching methods and steps developed by the Dauenhauers, as well as many other contributors over the years, but it also incorporates some of the ways people today are documenting and teaching various parts of Tlingit grammar, especially verbs. Published by Sealaska Heritage Institute, 2017.