Book- Sneaky Sounds: A Non Threatening Introduction to Tlingit Sounds and Spelling

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This book takes a humorous approach to teaching tricky sounds; the book’s second subtitle is "Fun with Phonology, Fonology with Phun." Tlingit is famous for having one of the most difficult and complex sound systems in the world. This complexity can prove discouraging for beginners and presents a major barrier to learning. The idea behind the book is to introduce students to the sounds of the language in as non-threatening a manner as possible. Written by Richard and Nora Marks Dauenhauer, this book came with a CD produced by Keri Edwards and Albert McDonnell, featuring recordings of fluent speakers John Marks and June Pegues. Now the audio is online. The project was six years in the making and received support from SHI, the Juneau School District and the University of Alaska Southeast.  (Audio)