Book- Dauenhauer, Haa Tuwunaagu Yis, For Healing our Spirit: Tlingit Oratory

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Have you ever wondered what's going on at a memorial, sometimes called "potlatch" Haa Tuwunagu Yis, for Healing our Spirit is a study of the process and performance of a memorial. Haa Tuwuna­agu is the first publication of Tlingit oratory recorded in performance. It features Tlingit texts with facing English translations and detailed annotations, photographs of the orators and the settings in which the speeches are delivered, biographies of the Elders, and a glossary. There are 32 speeches by 21 Tlingit Elders. Most were taped between 1968 and 1988, but two speeches were recorded on wax cylinders by the Harriman Expedition in Sitka in 1899, and are the oldest known sound recordings of Tlingit. Edited by Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard Dauenhauer.