Devil's Club Essential Oil Products

All products harvested and crafted in Juneau, Alaska 
  • A plant native to the northwest coast of the US and southeast Alaska. It grows from 3ft to 14ft high and is known for its spiny bark and large spiny leaves.  Devil's club has been used for centuries among native cultures for a variety of remedies due to its wide range of medicinal properties. 
  •  Our goal at Southeast Devil's club is to make the amazing healing properties and health benefits of devils club oil, hydrosol, and tea available to everyone who is in medical need of them.​ 
  • We respect the environment and devil's club role in overall wellness. Our hand-crafted products are made from devil's club which is responsibly wild-harvested year-round from the Tongass rainforest near Juneau Alaska.
  • The therapeutic grade essential oil is distilled using highly purified water and laboratory grade equipment.  It is analyzed and certified by a 3rd party testing lab regularly.


What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic, non-water-soluble liquids obtained by steam or hydro-distillation of botanicals.

What are the medicinal differences between tea, an oil, a tincture, and the essential oil of Devil’s Club?

There are 4 types of medicine in Devil’s Club: water-soluble, oil-soluble, alcohol-soluble, and aromatic.

  • A tea contains only the minerals and water-soluble medicine of the bark or root. 
  • An infused oil is made from heating root or stem bark in a carrier oil (usually coconut or olive oil).  It has a higher concentration of medicine than tea and contains oil-soluble medicines of the bark or root. Most oils become rancid fairly quickly. 
  • A tincture is made from soaking root or stem bark in ethanol alcohol. Tinctures contain only alcohol-soluble medicines of the root or bark.  They have a high alcohol content. 
  • The essential oil is made from a steam distillation process which extracts all the aromatic components and the strongest medicine from the Devil’s Club bark or root.


What is hydrosol?

Hydrosol is the water component from steam-distilling fresh root or stem bark.  Hydrosol typically contains a tenth of 1% of the medicinal properties of the essential oil.  It is used topically as a soak, or internally in coffee or tea to reduce blood sugar or provide other health benefits.


Why is the essential oil so expensive to make?

Devil’s Club is not cultivated in a field, garden, or greenhouse-it must be harvested from the wild. Processing is quite time consuming and hazardous, requiring protective equipment due to the potency of the components and sharp spines.  The irregular shape of the branches makes automation difficult, so essential oil is produced in small batches.  Making the essential oil remains a very labor-intensive cottage industry.



Chuck Smythe

The oil is amazing.  I have used this on my thumb to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and it worked great for several days after one application.  I have used this on a burn on may hand which helped it heal very fast.  It also works wonders for spider bites.  Highly recommended by a Happy User.

Rosita Worl

Thank you so much for introducing me to an ancient medicine in new DC distilled oil form that works wonders.