Tlingit Artist Rudy Isturis

Rudy M Isturis, Jr, is a Tlingit artist born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. He is a Raven of the Dog Salmon clan and the Dipper House.  Rudy practices subsistence living and enjoys foraging in the forests of Southeast Alaska for supplies to be used in traditional food, art, and medicines

Rudy worked closely with highly regarded Tlingit artists Rick and Mick Beasley and was heavily influenced by his grandmother Bessie Vissaya.  He works in a wide array of materials including silver, copper, ivory, and lapidary.  Rudy strives to create items “that speak of Alaska’s beauty, history, inspirational settings, nature, and peoples.” Coupling his Native ancestry with his love of nature, Rudy aims to honor the spirit in all things.