Tahltan/Tlingit Artist Grant Pauls

Grant Pauls is a Tahltan/Tlingit artist who began his journey by helping other artists come up with unique concepts to their own art. With a growing passion in traditional and unique Northwest Coast Native art he began focusing these concepts into his own art design.
Along the path of becoming an artist he was heavily influenced by other artists who were either close personal friends or family members. They include Terrance Campbell, Dempsey Bob, and Mark Preston, along with other masters.
Grant believes that art is an expression of culture, past and present; knowing and believing this, he can acknowledge the influences he has had from Elders and his own family. Without those influences in his life, Grant believes it would have been difficult to create something that has either meaning or a purpose. He credits his mother, Mildred, and father, Jack, for making him the man that he is today.
"I look at art as having a purpose, to tell a story passed down from generation to generation through our elders or known as “Dena nenn Sogga neh ‘ine” (Protectors or Keepers of the Land), Elders who have proven their worth and deserve our utmost respect!"