IACA Certified

Alaska-Native Made
At the Sealaska Heritage Store, all products identified as compliant with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA) were wholly made by a member of a federally-recognized tribe or a certified non-member Indian artisan. Products that are IACA compliant are marked by red stickers.

Other terms used often used within our store are:

Alaska-Native Inspired/Designed
Some products in the store were designed by Alaska Native artists but produced by non-Native vendors. For example, Native artists generally hire vendors to produce prints of their work, and though the prints are based on original art made by Alaska Native artists, the prints would not be considered Alaska-Native made under the IACA.

Made in Alaska
Products identified as made in Alaska were made by a resident of Alaska, not necessarily an Alaska Native.

To buy a piece made wholly—from beginning to end—by a Native artist, look for the red sticker that identifies it as IACA compliant.


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