Tlingit Artist Lee Burkhart

William Lee Burkhart, was born and grew up in Sitka, Alaska, in a family of multidisciplinary Tlingit artists. Since an early age Lee spent a lot of time at Totem Park in Sitka watching his dad Will Burkhart carving totems, as well as learning how to engrave under Nicholas Galanin, Dave Galanin and Louis Menard. His first bracelet is in Totem Park’s Permanent Collection. 

Lee has taken classes such as Chasing and Repousse under Nicholas Galanin, and fur sewing taught by Robert Miller. In 2018 Lee received a grant form Shee Atika Corporation to apprentice under Nicholas Galanin and to purchase engraving tools.

Currently living in Juneau, Lee is an accomplished engraver and wood carver. Lee was an apprentice on a 42' totem project which was raised in June of 2018 in Douglas. In September of 2019 he also completed a 10’ wolf pole on Mount Roberts in Juneau. He also has a home studio where he engraves on copper, silver, and gold jewelry.

Lee is eager to pass his knowledge to the next generation.